Besuch* is a video-collage representing a multilayering choreographic composition. Five artists with diverse practices meet in order to exchange artistic forms through interpersonal, original invitations and propose a digital co-creation. Besuch team meets in virtual environments which constitute the place of their artistic interaction. They commit themselves for over a month to dig into their various approaches, to exchange aesthetic means, to co-figure a universe and make it inhabit the screen. A shared file of instructions with colourful ideograms, a microscopic plan in large size, a DIGI-persona, a painting of sensorial stimuli and a contract via post become the jointly common score to which the team commits. They exchange these five materials and promise to visit each other’s proposal through a one-minute performance. Finally, they agree to co-edit the 25 variations and thus to compose Besuch.

The creative process is documented and offered to the public via, thus rendering visible the raw data which shaped the work.

*Besuch meansvisit (n)


Concept, Co-creation: Besuch Team – Nefeli Asteriou, Venetsiana Kalampaliki, Efthimios Moschopoulos, Dimitris Mytilinaios, Xenia Koghilaki

Website Design: George Psimenos

Web Graphics: Marina Skoutela

Supported by:

Onassis Stegi

Presented at:

Onassis New Choreographers Festival #ONC8, Athens – March 2021

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