Sits and Waits to Watch


In the piece Sits and Waits to Watch, a digital voice describes what is happening on stage while it gradually distorts and the initial meaning changes through multiple google translations. Sound and movement follow a similar path: starting from the sound of a verbal sentence, a rhythmic pattern is created, which gradually shapes into a new sound, while the body follows a process of deconstruction of the original form. The descriptive narration is sometimes accompanied by an abstract movement and sometimes by the performance of a realistic act.


Concept, text, choreography: Venetsiana Kalampaliki 

Performance: Venetsiana Kalampaliki, Xeni Vlachou- Kogchilaki, Nefeli Asteriou, Eythimios Moschopoulos, Aggelos Papadopoulos, Sotiris Ziliaskopoulos

Music composition: Penelope Papagiannopoulou 

Guitar: Sotiris Ziliaskopoulos 

Supported by:

‘Breaking Art II’ for new Choreographers and Composers

Presented at: 

Megaron, the Athens Concert Hall – March 2019

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